Makes total sense, just like when we changed our communication at KTH Innovation to be more equal and inclusive, it resulted in not only more female applicants, it resulted in more applicants, all genders. With a strictly male oriented communication based on "who dares win", we scared away both women AND men.

A strict patriarchy favors the few, the strong, the tip of the pyramid. The patriarchy is not about men ruling over women, it is about a FEW men ruling over everyone else.

A gender-equal society benefits everyone.

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Very perceptive Katrina. In essence what people in organisations (and men in particular) need to know is two things: firstly the 'we are here and we're going in this direction' thing; and secondly the 'well done, keep going, do more of this and a bit less of that' thing. But industries and organisations in distress tend to revert to promoting 'strong leaders' (eugh) to senior positions and then the dynamic changes to the detriment of everyone.

Also (whisper it softly) there is the pressing question of the age: what are men for, exactly?

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I understand your point, Katrine, I really do, but WHY should we discuss “THE DEEP INNER MISERY OF MEN”, while so many women are still neglected in our societies???

Like somebody said here, "a gender-equal society benefits everyone", but women are still far far behind in this rights...

Hugs from Brazil!

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"They are told that ALL relationships between people need to be turned into relationships of COMPETITION and HIERARCHY"

Excellent piece, as ever!

This line caught my eye. Men aren't "told". It's hard-wired. Competition for females is intense, and it's a winner-takes all game.

OK Cupid's survey chart is well known.


Most men are seen as unacceptable by women.

Why do men start rock bands? Or strive to become CEOs? To win the mating game. This is not true for women. A rich woman is no more or less attractive than a poor one.

It may also be true that women are hard-wired too. They are less attracted to easily contented, amiable men. The "attractive bastard" meme holds partly true, as it reflects characteristics of decisiveness and strength.

So, I'll go for an evolutionary take. Men need to be discontented to stay sharp. As David Goggins puts it: "You may have sore back, sore legs. So? The struggle is real. It never gets any easier...Stay hard!"


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